Alessandro Sambini

Be Part Of The World As You Know It
People At An Exhibition

   People at an exhibition is a YouTube channel. It is also an installation presented for the first time at Michela Rizzo’s Gallery in Venice during the homonymous exhibition curated by Denis Isaia in July 2016. It consists of a multimedia device whose purpose is to produce green screen royalty free footage of the visitors entering the exhibition. The footage is automatically and immediately published on the Youtube channel “People at an exhibition”. The installation consists of several elements: a robot, (programmed to film the people who enter the room, to follow them while inside the room using a face tracking algorithm, to stop recording the movie and upload it on Youtube once they exit the room) and a green screen (the portion of the room through which people pass, a photographic limbo painted with the same green used in the movies for croma keying images). The people passing in front of the robot (the ones who are actually visiting the exhibition) are de-contextualised and their image becomes free to be used in other people’s stories. The channel has 230 videos, which corresponds to (almost) 230 different people.